It all started with the idea that reporting to local Police Departments should be much easier.
A modern way to file an incident, followed by quick reaction and a sustainable feedback.
Shaping transparency to build trust.
Encourage everyone to involve, to make the community and the daily life easier and better - safer - together.
MyCityPolice provides a service that meets the 24/7 demand of safety. By making it simply uncomplicated for everyone:
A quick way for Citizens to file incidents to the Police.
An eased way for Police to process reports.
A smart way to communicate efficient and sustainable.
An intuitively working mobile app for Citizens, that makes reporting as simple and swift as possible.
Combined with a related tool for local Police Departments to manage and process incoming reports fast, transparent and efficient.

MyCityPolice was founded in 2016, with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area (US) and Tallinn (EU).
Providing sustainable high-end IT solutions to North America and Europe, as well as to Latin and South America.
Based on extensive qualification in IT development, security, high load services and scalability, combined with a highly experienced management with long term experience in business development, makes MCP a reliable partner in any aspect.
We speak many languages, among the ones of our customers. We understand the approach of Citizen app users and the demands of Law Enforcement Authorities. Our approach is to shape sustainable and smart solutions that are game-changing and pioneering, thus sustainable - for a better future.

For Citizen users
MCP is provided in your language. Whenever, wherever, whatever you report - you will be heard and understood.
Reporting is most easy and lightning-fast. Connecting you always to your local Police Department. No detours, no waiting cue. You receive direct feedback as first response and a resolving report for your comfort.
The MCP mobile app allows you to report incidents both for yourself and for others, which enables you to become a empowered member of your community - safer together.
In some regions, MCP provides extra features for an extended identity protection.
MCP is available for iOS and Android devices.

For Police Departments and Cities
The MCP Dispatching desktop solution is seamlessly applicable. It merges similar reports to reduce workload and eases processing, while still giving access to all relevant data. Which allows your team to focus on the essential.
The reporting structure is matched to the demands of your CAD system, allowing Citizens to file the report in their 'language' and providing you the information in the way you need them. And where you need them.
A implementation of MCP into your existing structure is seamless and takes only minimal efforts.

Our Social Approach
is ambitious. Improve societies for better. Strengthen neighborhood and community values and reestablish trust and liability.
Starting with improving safety for everyone. By empowering and involving everyone in the process. Rebuild lost trust and faith in Law Enforcement authorities, and the believe in a better everyday.
Provide transparency, promote communication - to defeat mistrust and instead shape a sustainable 'together' on the long term.




Lootuste Pst. 65, 11616 Tallinn, Estonia

+1 415 707 05 81